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TheRCC Weekly 

Volume 2, Issue 2 
September 21, 2012 


RCC has recently partnered with 
Jumpstart for Young Children, a national 
early education non-profit that recruits 
and trains college students and 
community volunteers to work with 
preschool children in low-income 
neighborhoods. Through a proven 
curriculum, these children develop the 
language and literacy skills they need to 
be ready for school, setting them on a 
path to close the achievement gap. 
Participating college students gain 
professional knowledge and innumerable 
transferable skills. By serving with 
Jumpstart, students join a national 
network of students working as social 
change agents. Students may also be 
eligible to receive federal work-study, a 
modest living stipend, or a Segal 
Education Award. 

If you know any students who may be 
interested, please direct them to: 
Ashley Bushell, Site Manager at RCC, 
Administration Building, Room 311-EJ7 (617) 427-0060 
ext. 5830 

RCC Gar den 

The final garden plans have been 
submitted and approved. The contract 
has been awarded and work is expected 
to begin in mid- 
September. Construction 
will take a few weeks. It 
has been a long road, but 
we are finally nearing our 


Partnership for Assessment of 
Readiness for College and Careers 

CCSS 101 and PARCC 101: What these projects mean to higher 
education and how we can engage in the process 

The PARCC leaders in the greater Boston and Northeast region in 
partnership with the regional readiness centers are pleased to offer this 
opportunity to higher education administrators, faculty and staff to learn 
more about the common core state standards and Partnership for the 
Assessment for College and Career Readiness. Both of these initiatives are 
reshaping the way public education is delivered as well as assessed. The 
morning will include an overview of both initiatives. The afternoon sessions 
will break out for specific discussions around mathematics and ELA (lunch 
for those staying). We hope you can join us for this engaging discussion. 
When: October 26, 2012. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm (12-2 optional ELA and 

mathematics content discussions with lunch) 
Where: Bunker Hill Community College 

Register: Email your name and institution to 
Also specify if you are interested in staying for the lunch discussion 
on mathematics or ELA (choose one). Space is limited. 

This is great opportunity to catch up on these two national programs and 
join in on cross agency discussions regarding preparation for college in ELA/ 
Literacy and Math. Read more about PARCC at 

You will recall that Dr. Susan Lane from DHE talked with us about PARCC at 
the Faculty Institute on September 4th. I would like to see some of our 
faculty attend this event. Please let me know if you are interested in going. I 
understand that registrations are filling up - Brenda 

Endanger ed Languages and Us 

On Thursday, September 20th, 
Professor Susan Kalt reported 
on research that she conducted 
while on leave as a National 
Endowment for the Humanities 
Documenting Endangered 

Language Fellow in the Andes. 

RCC division members, and MIT 
Humphrey fellows were in 
attendance and there was a lively 
discussion about endangered 

Prof. Susan Kalt on speaking tour with indigenous 

colleagues, 2011. They are wearing traditional 

clothing from rural Bolivia and Peru. 

The RCC Weekly 

Volume 2, Issue 2 

Page 2 

Honor s Pr ogr am 

Do you ever find a student in your class whose 

work, intellectual curiosity, or even boredom 

lead you to think that she/he needs a greater 

challenge? If so, the Honors Program is the 


The Honors Program meets the needs of 
academically talented and ambitious students who have 
earned at least 12 credits and a GPA of at least 3.3 at RCC. 
These students, if accepted into the program, are 
provided with a strong academic foundation that features 
critical thinking, research writing, and study skills that will 
serve them throughout their academic career and beyond. 
Courses are more demanding in expectations and content; 
the Colloquium, a required Honors Program course, often 




deals with provocative, academically 
rich content taught by experts in the 
field. Students will have opportunities to 
examine in depth a variety of topics and 
to meet with mentors and faculty as 
well as other students. 

Most classes, but not all, lend themselves to Honors 
Component work. This means that - if the faculty member 
is willing - the student will be assigned work beyond the 
prescribed curriculum and syllabus. The work will be far 
more demanding and the expectations, particularly in 
research, will be much higher. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Honors 
Program or wish to encourage a student by developing an 
Honors Component for a course you are currently 
teaching, please contact Rhonda Gray at . 

STEM News 

Professor Sibaji Sarkar teaches Microbiology at RCC and also works at 
Boston University School of Medicine. His recent paper, based on his lab 
research on a combination therapy for breast cancer, is getting much 
media coverage. He spoke about this work at a talk he gave here at RCC. 

To read more about his work click on the links below: 



Ph ot os f r om 

the RCC 

Ar ch ives 

The RCC Archives has many 
photographs of unidentified 
individuals, including these two 
from RCC's 1988 Open House. 
Can anyone identify the two 
men on either side of former 
RCC President Brunetta 

Wolfman or the individuals 
sitting to the left of former 
Boston mayor Ray Flynn? If so, 
please contact Autumn Haag, 
the Librarian Archivist at or ext.